Home is where your heart is, right?

If you love your home, hanging out with loved ones and creating a happy life, then Home Owner Buff is for you. We created this website as a place for all things home related. From home buying, home design, decorating or renovating to DIY projects, tips, family life and more; it’s all here.

Some of us may live in a small place, while others of us live in a mansion; yet we all have a home. Home is where we hang our hat, wherever that may be. And while we all want to have nice things; we know it’s not what we have but how we live that counts!

Home Owner Buff is here to help you get your creative juices flowing and answer home living questions you may have.

Below are 10 goals of home living we promote:

  • Create a home that fits your life
  • Organize your space effectively
  • Learn maintenance, renovations, and repairing of your home
  • Continue to discover new strategies and tips
  • Read about the best sleep, health and eating habits
  • Protect and raise children in a positive environment
  • Keep up on new technology for better living
  • Be prepared for trials that may come
  • Nurture family and friend relationships
  • Improve your temporal, physical and spiritual quality of living


So for some inspiration and eye-opening tips: take a look at our blog, peruse our amazing Pinterest boards, and find us on Facebook to join us in our quest for making our home a way we live that matters!



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