Designing your own Backyard Deck

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Designing Your Own Backyard Deck

When it comes time to design your backyard it is a good idea to make a sketch of what you want and where you will place it. This saves time and energy while doing the work. Viewing pictures of others yards on the internet or in magazines will give you some g…

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When and how do I prepare my soil for my garden?

Most climates in the United States don’t allow for year round gardening. However, while waiting for your spring planting time to arrive, you can use that opportunity to be nourishing your soil. Especially if you only have one gro…

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Making a Garden

Wherever you live, having a garden is a lovely thing. It provides a burst of color and freshness, allows for exercise, and produces lovely flowers or produce that are all the more enjoyable when you’ve grown them yourself.

To make your gardening experience sa…