Austin is a Music Lover’s Paradise

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Living in Austin Means Great Music


The casual visitor might be surprised to hear live music being played at the airport, but for Austin folks, live music anywhere is just another day in paradise. The city is the live music capital of the world. It attracts the most famous and bi…

The Comfort of Cotton


Yes, there is a time and place for a down comforter – like January. In Alaska. But if you don’t live in a region with subzero temperatures, a cotton comforter is a practical choice that can also be beautiful and fashionable. And it’s really hard to beat cotton for softness, touc…

What You Should Know Before You Buy a Mattress


Having a comfortable mattress can directly affect your quality of life. It can be the difference in jumping up in the morning and being ready to start the day, or waking up tired, grumpy and unhappy. Having a good mattress is a great way to ensure that every side of your bed is the right s…