Do It Yourself Office Ideas

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Simpify, Simplify (Your Home Office)

Thoreau might not have had home office ideas in mind when he wrote Walden, but the sentiment is still applicable: to think clearly and do our best work, it is essential to have a clean, flowing workspace. Here are some tips to get you started on cre…

30 Organization Tips


30 Organization Tips

An organized area creates a happy environment. Organizing seems like a pain, but it provides a sense of fulfillment once it’s finished.

1. Don’t leave cans stacked on a shelf, install a can rack in a drawer.

2. Hang a small ladder sideways on the cei…

How to Fireproof your home

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Fireproofing your home

For home insurance Boca Raton has many good agents to consider. They are all competent individuals who will go the extra mile to facilitate your claim if the unthinkable happens. Most (if not all) insurance agents strongly dislike filling claims because th…

Designing your Girls Baby Room

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Designing Your Girls Baby Room

The time has come to decide how you would like to design your baby girl’s room. There are so many choices on the market but it is all up to you as to how you wish it to be. The wall is a great place to start. Oh my, how shall it be, paint or wallpaper? If you have a …

Top safety tips for your home

Top Safety Tips for your Home

Living in a coastal area such as Ft. Lauderdale means that home safety precautions are a must. There is always the ever present threat of hurricanes or tropical storms, and the attendant dangers that automatically follow. Here are some safety tips to he…