Persian Rug Cleaning at Home 101

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People lucky enough to own a beautiful Persian rug also realize that occasionally they will become soiled and need cleaning. The good news is that it isn’t that difficult to care for your rug and clean it every 1-2 years at home. With a few simple steps your Persian rug will look …

Modern Designs for Patio Windows

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Looking to renovate your home may eventually have you looking at patio windows, and although this sounds like fun, rebuilding a relaxing space, it can be overwhelming when you are presented with all the options available to you. It is great to have options so you do not have to create …

Why Choose Vinyl Windows

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Springtime is a perfect time to decide on vinyl replacement windows. Replacing your windows is a once in a lifetime investment that not only beautifies your home, it also raises its value. Since they first came on the home-improvement scene some fifty years ago, vinyl windows cont…

Moving to Temple, Texas?

New Homes in Temple TX

Temple is a city that is located in Bell County. According to the 2010 census, Temple has a population of around 66,102 residents. Temple is an area with low crime and a thriving business community. It is a place that attracts businesses and residents alike. Temple has a high achievi…

3 Basic Tips to Organize your Garage

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1. Examine – Survey – Prioritize

The problem with a cluttered garage is the mis-use of space. To determine what you need and most want in your garage will require you to examine your needs and wants. For instance, do you want to fit your car or two cars in there, is quick acc…

Is Your Home Your Fortress?

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Your Home Is Your Castle

A safe haven of retreat. That’s where your family is, your possessions, the comfort of familiarity. But how safe is it? Is yours a summer castle with doors wide open to passers-by, or is it a secure fortress?

Statistically, 1 in 6 homes in the United Stat…