Soft Sheet Secrets

You can certainly shop for the softest sheets out there and that is the first step to having a welcoming soft bed for you to snuggle up in. What can you do it ensure your sheets stay soft or how can you get your current sheets soft to help your Sleepys bed feel a little softer?


1. Fabr

Whiten Clothes Without Bleach

If you’ve checked the tags on the back of your clothes recently you’ll see that a lot of light clothing has a “no chlorine bleach” line on them. So how can you keep those white’s looking clean without adding bleach to your wash cycle? Here are some tips and tricks to …

5 More Awesome Hacks Here…

Sometimes tasks that just need to be done are daunting and who loves filling their home with awful chemicals and scrubbing until their eyes bug out? Do you ever wonder what on earth to do with ALL THOSE CRAZY PLASTIC GROCERY SACKS? What about dryer lint and toilet paper rolls? Are you j…

Super Home Tips And Tricks

We all want to make our lives simpler. Here are some great tips and tricks for your kbhome you can try out:

  • To make a bottle of pop/juice/cider cold in 15 min, just wrap it in a wet towel and stick in the freezer. Don’t forget you put it in there, because you don’t want it to explode. The