When to Replace an Engine Mount

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When to Replace an Engine Mount

Engine mounts can be an elusive and tricky thing about vehicles. They do not typically give a lot of warning of when they are starting to go bad, until they have officially been rendered ineffective. But do not worry, cars these days are designed to sust…

Designing your Girls Baby Room

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Designing Your Girls Baby Room

The time has come to decide how you would like to design your baby girl’s room. There are so many choices on the market but it is all up to you as to how you wish it to be. The wall is a great place to start. Oh my, how shall it be, paint or wallpaper? If you have a …


Silverado like a rock, no matter the model


Silverado like a rock, no matter the model

What kind of Silverado you want may well depend on how much “Like a Rock” you want your truck to be. The Silverado has been the standard Chevy truck since a major redesign in 1990 and has consistently won accolades from Car and Dri…

Choosing the right personal Trainer in LA

Choosing the Right Personal Trainer in LA

Los Angeles sets the trend in many different arenas. Take a walk into any high end fitness club and quickly discover the passion that drives the community to play as hard as they work. The sight of wall to wall fit bodies is enough to intimidate …