Moving to Temple, Texas?

New Homes in Temple TX

Temple is a city that is located in Bell County. According to the 2010 census, Temple has a population of around 66,102 residents. Temple is an area with low crime and a thriving business community. It is a place that attracts businesses and residents alike. Temple has a high achievi…

Do I need a Detox?

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With so many toxins and chemicals assaulting our bodies on a daily basis, it is no wonder a lot of us feel like we need so many energy drinks and supplements. Processed foods, chemicals in the air, various skin products and hair products may all have a detrimental effect on our bodies. …

3 Basic Tips to Organize your Garage

Home Mangement

1. Examine – Survey – Prioritize

The problem with a cluttered garage is the mis-use of space. To determine what you need and most want in your garage will require you to examine your needs and wants. For instance, do you want to fit your car or two cars in there, is quick acc…

Home Garden Tips

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When and how do I prepare my soil for my garden?

Most climates in the United States don’t allow for year round gardening. However, while waiting for your spring planting time to arrive, you can use that opportunity to be nourishing your soil. Especially if you only have one gro…

16 of the Healthiest Foods Ever

16 healthiest food ever

1. Apricots

Related to the peach, apricots are smaller and rich in beta carotene and fiber. You can find them fresh in North America from May through August. Eat foods like them fresh to benefit the most from their plentiful supply of vitamin C.

2. Avocados

Avocados are a very satisfy…

The Advantages of Living in Temple Texas

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While there are many beautiful areas around the country in which you can live and raise a family, Texas is increasingly one that many people are seeing as a wonderful opportunity to make a move, pick up a new job, start a new career, and raise a family while avoiding higher taxes in othe…