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My name is Susan and I am a stay-at-home mom who loves to blog and share tips for managing home. I have been married for 8 years and have three kids. I know what it is like to try to keep a household running smoothly while also trying to take care of a family. I want to share my tips and tricks for managing a household with other women who might be struggling. I hope that my blog can help you make your home a happy and healthy place for your family.

What is the purpose of the blog?

You’ve probably heard that a lot. Maybe you’ve even wondered it yourself in a time of big decisions and possible self-doubt. Everyone seems to want to know the answer.

And so we seek it. We seek through our career pursuits, through faith and religion, through our relationships with those around us, through logic, through trial-and-error, through our every day experiences…

We all want a reason for being alive.

Isn’t that what sets us all apart?

My purpose in life is not the same as yours, my motivations are not all the same as yours, and the things that are important to me are not necessarily important to you.

There is, however, something that all humans, everywhere, have it common. There is one purpose that every single one of us shares.

We grow.

We grow, we learn, and we develop. We are continually developing from the day we enter this planet. Our goal is to expand.

That may imply various things to different people. A musician develops differently than a scientist, and a monk develops differently than a businessman. The universal motion, on the other hand, is upward.

We were not born to stand still. We are active.

And how might we encourage further growth?

Maintaining our wellbeing

A flower must be tended in order to flourish. It takes time, effort, and nourishment.

The same may be said about us.

We must take care of our bodies in order to be physically healthy.

We must care for our thoughts in order to be psychologically healthy.

We must care for our souls in order to be spiritually healthy.

And we must care for our life in order to be happy on a daily basis.

This is where The Essential You begins. Our mission is to stimulate development through encouraging holistic wellness, and to assist you in discovering and fulfilling your purpose.

What is your goal?

We’re not experts, but we’d love to assist you.


Susan is a former valedictorian and “poster kid.” She was the quintessential overachiever: student council representative, varsity athlete for twelve years, member of the national honour society, and part-time waitress.

She was denied from all of her Ivy League dream colleges after years of jumping through hoops, résumé building, and sleepless nights.

After a brutal massacre of resistance from her friends and family, she ultimately let go of the expectations and pressures to create her own path, rejecting down numerous rich and prestigious scholarships and leaving everything behind.

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It's how we live that matters!

Friday, Mar 24, 2023